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Art is considered a public service to a certain degree and the Artists are a very unique bunch of individuals in a sense that they directly relate themselves to the public demises and ills. They invest their emotions in these issues to prepare themselves to play the victim or the predator. On the stage or in front of the camera they are merely highlighting the issues real people face every day. They are performing for a reward it could be in money or in personal satisfaction. They are serving the community with their performances.
We decided which is quite fitting that all the artists who will join us must serve the community through volunteering for a good cause.
Our slogan is “WE ARE V.” V stands for the volunteer. Volunteer = Victorious . Let’s be a V to become a V.
Let us bring a change in real life for less fortunes. The nature of the services will be discussed during the meetings. It could be cleaning the neighborhood, planting the trees, raising the funds for any victims or any other way to make the difference in our great land.
Hope to see you in the mood of serving the community in a different way.
May Allah guide us to the right path.

Riaz Uddin