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President’s Message

Assalamu Alaikum
Our Film and Drama industry is welcoming educated new faces. That is a good news. But still many more such individuals who could have been the stars of the future, lacked the chance or the effort to make their career in the industry.
The fact is, it is a big money game.No one in their clear head is going to jeopardize their investment by letting an individual with a little or no experience work on their project. You cannot blame them. It’s not a charity. It’s a business.
Question! How do you get experience if you do not get a chance? Question is simple but not the answer.
Silly ideas are by the dozens. Grab one. We did. We believe those enthusiasts who dream of becoming Camera Men, Sound Engineers, Directors, Lighting Engineers, Editors, Actors, and Writers should get together, create their own project and work on it as a team. They all will get experience.
It’s easy said than done. Sure, we know that.
We are the first one to admit that this silly idea will never be materialized unless unselfishness is displayed by all the participants. They all should strive for a common goal. To increase the chances of success, few golden rules such as trusting each other, working hard, bringing in a team spirit and respecting each other should be adopted strictly. Everyone should contribute to the utmost for their own sake and for the sake of their fellow artists.
Here is what we decided to contribute to this silly idea. We are planning to open a small production house in Islamabad / Rawalpindi to offer a platform to those inspiring artists who cannot move to Lahore, Karachi or Dubai to test their luck. We will give them a chance to test their luck here. They will be able to meet other artists, share their ideas and maybe one day work together.
We would love to meet those individuals who want to work hard, bring in a team spirit and have a burning desire to make a career in this industry. We believe if such individuals are guided properly, trained a little, encouraged a lot and then given an opportunity even a small one, some of them will shine and our industry will have many more talented professionals.
We will say this to the female artists, be bold, be brave and fear none. You have a right to be anywhere you choose. You have a right to chase your dream, of course with the blessings of your loved ones. Insha Allah everyone will be treated with great respect. We will provide a safe, friendly, helpful and respectable environment.
Finally, we encourage independent producers, all kind of video makers and anyone for any shoot contact us. We will help as much as possible. We will work with low budget projects. We will produce other people’s work along with our own projects.
Riaz Uddin

Dream high so you have something worth fighting for
                                                                        Riaz Uddin